Monday, October 20, 2014

Crispy Toast


Crispy Toast is a healthy & delicious snack for kids & family. I used to be love to buy from a local bakery in Taiwan. Because I'm rarely to get the potato chips for my own, instead to think about 'Let's do something with Sandwich'. In US, you're hardly to stay away from Sandwich ( Bread). Everybody loves Toast, or need the toast. I'm prefer the 'Wheat' one.

Then, I'm checking around about Crispy Toast or any different recipes with a different toast. I think I will try it for sometimes. Since, we're realize eat the homemade will be healthier, clean and innovative. You've got my point. Here is the simple Crispy Toast with my home's oven.

Let's check for the Ingredients I used it ... 1. Regular sandwich bread (white, wheat or rye, traditional soft sandwich), 2. Butter with any Brands, 3. Sugar, 4. Black sesame seeds, and OVEN.

Methods of Making.
First, Before Baking

Second, After Baking.... I got this color. Don't bake it too long, it will burn.

Third, Chop it smaller for easier kids to consume it. You're done. Thank You For Your Visiting. (Image : Ra Chel )

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