Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Olive Potatoes Baked

I'm not a Pure Vegetarian like anybody else, I can't resist. But this is totally a VEGETARIAN FOOD. This can be one of the option for your special Lunch or Dinner. I don't suggest as a Breakfast, it's takes times. While the whole key of this 'OLIVE POTATOES BAKED' is comes from How we bake the Potatoes correctly. I choose the Oven roasted to cook it, the skin of potato is soft and yummy. I must note it here, this is like a Cooking Storage Recipes for me. HAHA...Once a week, eat healthier with the Vegetarian Meal can help you maintenance the cholesterol in our body. Just write to me, if you have any questions : mozpong2005@gmail.com

Let's check for the ingredients. I will divide into 2 parts : First, how to bake the potatoes. Second is for the Stir fry the Vegetables.

For the Oven Roasted potatoes : 1. Potatoes; 2. 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil; 3. Salt; 4. Black/White Pepper; 5. Aluminum Foil.
Direction : Pre-heat the Oven 400-425 degree Fahrenheit. Rub the potatoes with Olive Oil, sprinkle them with salt & black pepper, and prick them with a small fork. Wrap the potato with Aluminum Foil. Wrap one by one, we can choose the size of potatoes when we buy it from groceries. Then set the timer at Oven about 40 - 45 minutes. If you want a crispy skin, you can just check and add few minutes again.
Chop the Potato half part, and bring it to the plate. And start decorate it with the stir fry vegetables. And serve it in warm together.

For Stir fry the Vegetables : 1. Broccoli; 2. Carrots; 3. Canola Oil; 4. Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster sauce ( I bought it from Asian Market, but any oyster sauce is acceptable ).
Direction : Use the saucepan to stir fry the vegetables together with the canola oil. Then for taste, I only use the Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster Sauce. It's done.
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